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Balanced Soil Makes Healthy

Plants and Animals



Humic materials are the nucleus of the microbial system in which nutrients

become highly usable to plants

Humusolver is a Humic and Fulvic acid concentrate

Benefits of Using Humusolver

Stimulates microbial activity

Increases cellular activities at all levels

Improves soil structure

Coverts raw organic matter faster

Detoxifies plant cells

Increases shelf life

Increases nutrient uptake

Reduces nutrient leaching

Induces drought tolerance

Promotes growth and yields

Increases aeration and tilth

Builds plant immunity

Acts as soil buffer with organic biopolymers thus preventing tie up of phosphorus and trace elements

Lower input costs

Stimulates root growth

Benefits of Using Humusolver

Soil Systems
Hand Watering
Seed Treatment
Foliar Sprays
Row Starter Systems
Nitrogen Stabilizer