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About Us

Humic Acid Concentrate
Through high-tech revolutionary processing and low heat capacity drying techniques, Humusolver provides a natural easy to use humic and fulvic concentrate with a high biostimulation effect. Humusolver is sourced from ancient fresh water humus deposits. Humusolver is a water soluble product that comes in dry powder granulated form for easy shipping and long-term storage.
About Humusolver
We have over 50 years of agriculture experience with 20 years in the humates industry as well. Humates are mined in the San Juan Basin in northwest New Mexico from the Fruitland Formation.
We constantly strive to provide the highest quality humates to the agricultural and environmental industries at competitive prices. Always timely in our shipments and consistent in our product specifications, we provide excellent service by being responsive to our customers. Look no further if you are interested in humates for agriculture or other applications.