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HUMUSOLVER-100 Soluble Powder    
This product is a Humic and Fulvic Acid concentrate in a soluble 100 mesh dry powder. This product can be easy inducted “mixed” into water. Can be used with Row Starters and as a Nitrogen stabilizer. Use as a foliar also.
General Application Rates:  
Ground application….. 5 to 10 lbs per acre. / 1.5 oz to 3.5 oz per 1000 sq ft
Row starter….. 1 to 2 lbs per acre with 1 to 3 gals of water.
Foliar spray….. 1 to 2 oz per acre with 20 to 50 gals of water.
Package size: 2 lb bottle, 8 lb bottle, 50 lb bags, and 1000 lb mini bulk bag.

Humusolver- FS Granular


This product is a extracted Humic and Fulvic Acid concentrate in a granule form. Mixes easily with other granulated fertilizers for broadcasting.

 General Application Rates:

Ground application….. 5 to 20 lbs per acre

 Package size: 50 lb bags, 2000 lb mini bulk bags.





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